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v2.0 Changelog evilbobthebob - December 18, 2017

Below is a summary of changes to v2.0, as well as notes regarding what will be included in the demo version, coming soonTM




  • Rewritten AI to be more intelligent and challenging
    • AI now has some factional differences in style
    • AI will correctly build units and structures based on its planetary bonuses
    • Improved AI in tactical mode
  • Rebalanced tech trees
  • Functional CSA faction (full release only)
  • Sweeping optimization improvements
    • Addition of “light” campaign options for those who prefer high performance
  • Many quality-of-life improvements
    • Tooltips for all units contain all the statistic information you need
    • Improved advisor hints to introduce you to the mod’s features
    • Building and shipyard tooltips tell you what they can produce
    • Improved research display
  • Difficulty levels:
    • Easy: AI gets 10% fewer credits and takes 10% longer to build units
    • Normal: AI is exactly on par with the player
    • Hard: AI gets 10% more credits, takes 10% less time to build units, and units have 20% more damage, 20% more health, and 25% more shields.

Galactic Mode



  • Rewritten galactic conquests (Demo featured: Operation Skyhook)
  • All hyperspace travel now done via hyperlanes, with bonus speed and income from different sizes of route
  • Starships now cost population proportional to their crew requirements
  • Complete overhaul of planet locations, bonuses, and abilities
    • Planets now provide population carefully calculated from their statistics
    • Bonuses are rebalanced and clarified with improved tooltips
    • Planet info screens notify you of environmental or population conditions that affect production
  • Many new planets added
  • Overhaul of planet icons and base level display
  • New planet textures
  • Over 50 new ground maps for v2.0, many new space maps
  • Restoration of classic EAW sandbox missions (full release only, not demo)
  • Rebalanced freighters

Skirmish Mode


  • Both land and space skirmish are available (though land skirmish is still unfinished for the CSA)
  • Space skirmish has been completely rebalanced to be more of a competitive experience
    • Units build faster and are cheaper
    • Income scales better with station level
    • Unit costs and build times balanced per unit and per unit class
  • AI greatly improved compared to v1.2

Space Combat



  • New armor/shield/damage system for space combat, bringing it in line with our ground combat changes from v1.2.
    • Damage is now applied after armor subtraction e.g. laser damage 16 vs armor 12 does only 4 damage to a starship hull.
    • Torpedoes and some other weapons can pierce armor.
    • This means that light craft can barely damage capital ships. All weapons do a minimum of 0.5 damage if armor is equal to or greater than weapon damage.
    • Shields absorb a percentage of damage from incoming fire based on unit class
  • New space units (* = buildable in demo): Lictor-class Dungeon Ship, Providence-class Destroyer*, Belbullab-22 starfighter, Defender Starfighter*, TIE Vanguard, Diamond-class courier ship, Manka-class war Frigate*, G-1A Starfighter, Sheathipede-class Transport Shuttle, Y-85 Titan Dropship*, YV-100 Light Freighter, YV-330 Light Freighter, YV-929 Armed Freighter
  • Rebalanced starship and starfighter weapons for the new combat system, rewriting thousands of hardpoints
  • Space Colonies are now armed with turbolasers at all levels, and provide minor fire support to defending fleets

Ground Combat


  • New ground combat bunker system, with many civilian structures available to hide your infantry
  • New ground vehicles (* = buildable in demo): AAT, HMP gunship, MTT, OG-9, S-1 Firehawke*, V-Wing Airspeeder*
  • Improved weather system and atmospheric effects- don’t let infantry get stranded on planets with a Type IV atmosphere!
  • Infantry carry appropriately-modeled weapons in most cases
  • New ground structures: Bank, Listening Outpost


  • New hero system with consistent hero ratings and upgrade paths
    • Space heroes now require a flagship to attach to in many cases
  • New heroes (* = playable in demo release): 4-LOM, Adar Tallon, Andoorni Hui, Apailana, Appo, Barrow Oicunn, Bevven*, Blitzer Harrsk, Bror Jace, Clyngunn, Cody, Comeg, Corran Horn, Crueya Vandron, Devlia, Erisi Dlarit, Evir Derricote, Gavin Darklighter, Ghorin, Haashn, Havet Storm, Hurst Romodi*, Kirtan Loor, Kosh Teradoc, Laryn Krefey, Lujayne Forge, Male Dee, Mawsh’iye, Meena Tills, Morteos, Nawara Ven, Odd Ball, Onara Kuat, Ooryl Qrygg, Osted Wermis, Peshk Vrisyk, Ragab, Rhysati Ynr, Riv Shiel, Rojahn, Sander Delvardus, Shaak Ti, Shea Hublin, Talon Karrde, Tensiger*, Terrinald Screed, Thaneespi, Theol Drost*, Treuten Teradoc, Tundra Dowmeia, Uwlla Iillor, Verrack, Zel Johans*, Zsinj, Zuckuss

Operation Skyhook- Demo Release GC

  • Experience the lead-up to A New Hope from both sides of the Galactic Civil War, as told in the Legends universe
  • Selection of missions provide guidance in the early stages of the campaign. The later stages are up to you!
  • Command the Rebel Alliance from hidden fighter bases, striking against Imperial convoys and trying to discover the location of the Death Star construction site
  • Lead the Galactic Empire to victory, protecting the Death Star and crushing the Rebellion across the galaxy
  • The Galactic Empire is recommended for first time players of Phoenix Rising.

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We're on the workshop! evilbobthebob - September 3, 2017

Hey guys


With the update(!) to Empire at War on Steam, turning multiplayer back on, fixing some bugs, and adding Steam workshop support, I worked all day yesterday getting Phoenix Rising onto the workshop. It's available for download here: http://steamcommunit...873&searchtext=


Please post in this thread if you have any troubles installing/running the workshop version, as I haven't had much chance to test it myself.

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The Road To Coruscant Phoenix Rising - December 10, 2012
Two-and-a-half years after the Empire was sundered and beaten at Endor, the war against its successors has stagnated. The New Republic has failed to gain more than a foothold in the Core and member worlds are beginning to doubt its legitimacy as a galactic government. The risk of this fragile coalition unraveling is too great, thus Supreme Commander Ackbar has drafted a campaign to thrust into the fortified Core and seize the galactic capital. This is the Road to Coruscant.

Posted Image

Director Isard acquired the throne a little more than a year ago; however, it took the sacrifice of Brentaal to the New Republic in a complicated coup to put her there. From Brentaal, there are two paths to Coruscant: through Anaxes, or through Borleias. With Admiral Ragab locked in a standoff with Commandant Wermis on the Brentaal-Anaxes front, any movement on Borleias would require reinforcements. The answer came in the form of resurrecting the all-hero Rogue Squadron.

A secret training base was established on Folor, with General Salm in command. There, six new starfighter squadrons will be forged, including Commander Antilles' Rogue Squadron. The reformed Rogues are made up of seasoned pilots with a variety of leadership skills that, in most cases, also happen to hail from key worlds. They are equal parts elite unit and poster subject.

The plan is to temper the Rogues with a series of active duty exercises against Imperial forces in the relatively quiet Rachuk sector before commencing the main offensive. Rear Admiral Devlia coordinates the sector's Force Escort from the capital of Vladet.

Posted Image

When the time comes, the Rogues will rendezvous with the New Republic Special Forces units staging on Noquivzor, along with whatever Fleet elements Ragab can spare. This group will move on Borleias under General Kre'fey. A word of warning: Borleias may look mundane, but the name has been linked to General Derricote, the eccentric bioweapons engineer.

In addition, Isard has a noted obsession with Rogue Squadron, who had previously helped foil several of her schemes. If the Rogues were ever annihilated to the last pilot, not only would it be a personal victory for her, but also an insurmountable propaganda nightmare for the New Republic.

A more conventional victory for the Empire would occur if loyalist forces were able to reconnect the Perlemian, pushing the New Republic from Brentaal, Ralltiir, and, finally, into the Colonies. Such a position would all but spell an end to the New Republic presence in the Core - and any hope of claiming the capital - for the foreseeable future.

Coruscant, of course, is the only prize for the New Republic. Controlling the Palace would secure the Provisional Council's authority, while the Rotunda would allow a senate to convene for the first time in years. The expected battle will be anything but easy: some of the best units in the Empire are garrisoned here. That's why Rogue Squadron will lead the way.

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New Maps Part Two evilbobthebob - December 5, 2011
As promised, here is the second news post about the new maps coming to Phoenix Rising with the release of version 1.2. I hope you'll enjoy fighting on them as much as I enjoyed making them!


We begin with the grey ecumenopolis of Denon. Situated in a strategically important hyperlane intersection, this is an important world to control in many campaigns.

Posted Image

The landing zone at Denon offers a number of paths to the main base, and provides ample space for heavy equipment to be landed.

Posted Image

The long, wide streets are excellent for walkers and speeders alike. Infantry can shelter between some buildings to keep them out of the line of fire.


Altogether a nicer planet than Denon, Champala is an oceanic world, home to the Changrian species. Its rapidly changing tides meant that the native coastal cities are adapted to being partially submerged for extended periods.

Posted Image

One of the coastal cities of Champala nestles below an eroded cliff face.

Posted Image

Repulsorlift vehicles are recommended for attacks on Champala and all oceanic worlds, though walkers and wheeled tanks can ford some of the shallow sand banks.

Posted Image

The base on Champala is set on massive concrete foundations with heavy drainage pipes to keep the worst of the tides away from the main structures.

New Alderaan

Far in the Outer Rim, New Alderaan is, as the name suggests, the homeworld of Alderaanians who escaped their planet's destruction. Much like Alderaan, it is a temperate world, though with strong seasonal variation.

Posted Image

A landing zone directly outside the main base, this should be held by defenders for as long as possible. It provides an excellent flaking route for attackers.

Posted Image

Deep in the mountains, this pass can be used to ambush attackers or flank round heavy defences.

Posted Image

AT-ATs emerge from the mist to assault the New Republic defensive line. The forest can provide cover for ambushing infantry.

Ord Biniir

A relatively unimportant world in the Outer Rim, Ord Biniir was covered in canyons and as a result, favoured by podracers.

Posted Image

The initial landing zone on Ord Biniir gives attackers a number of different canyons to choose from, some leading to the enemy base, some going to more hidden corners of the map.

Posted Image

The main base on Ord Biniir, built on one of the plateaus separating the winding canyons. Part of the rear base wall has collapsed, giving attackers an alternate route and providing defenders with a way to reinforce their ramp if necessary.

Posted Image

The main canyons surrounding the base. If turbolaser defences are present, heavy vehicles or anti-vehicle infantry are a must!

Well, that's all from me for a while. I have plenty more maps in the pipeline. Other big map changes in 1.2 include revamped structure positions in Galactic Conquest: now your ISDs can navigate those station defences! All space skirmish maps have been scaled up too, so starbases can no longer bombard each other as soon as the battle begins and ships can pathfind much more effectively.

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All Wings Report In Phoenix Rising - December 18, 2008
While adding brand new content wasn't the main focus for this release, there are, nevertheless, a number of new additions to highlight before they go live. Consider this a final role call for the Rebel and Imperial space rosters.

Starting with the Empire, the Preybird-class Starfighter has been added to give the Imperial faction some badly-needed, late-game Remnant flavor, having been pressed into use at the twilight of the Galactic Civil War. At 21 meters, this unique design is the biggest fighter in the game and takes full advantage of that fact while upgrading: it adds a gunner and a cockpit-mounted laser turret in the style of the Y-wing and features both a fore and aft concussion missile launcher, transforming it into a veritable nouveau blastboat. Series I is meant to represent the original SoroSuub specifications as seen in X-wing Alliance, while Series II is the heavier, pirate-produced Remnant model from Specter of the Past.

Another addition from the technologically-quiet post-Endor period, the Scimitar Assault Bomber is a refinement of the TIE Bomber that never reached its potential historically. Combining the ruggedness of the TIE Bomber with the agility of the TIE Interceptor and the firepower of the Xm-1 Nova Wing, the Scimitar is indeed a deadly foe. The design is based around 16 limited-capacity, ventral warhead launchers, which are brutally effective against starships because they can all be fired simultaneously. This specialization, however, leaves the craft totally vulnerable to being picked off by fighters, as it performs terribly in a dogfight.

The Delta-class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transport is the predecessor to the bigger Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transport and fills an intermediary role between that and the Lambda-class T-4 Shuttle. While the T-4 is reserved for important officers and dignitaries, the DX-9 is the real workhorse, ferrying about countless troopers across the Empire daily. Prior to the Sentinel-class Landing Craft's invention, the Delta-class served as the Navy's primary troop transport, but since finds more use in boarding operations than ground assault.

For some time, the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser was the smallest starship in use by the Imperial Starfleet, but it never really caught on enough to see widespread use. It was released as a Sienar alternative to Damorian's Carrack-class in the Republic era, but the initial success and popularity of the Carrack proved insurmountable, so Sienar abandoned the design. That preference continued into the Empire and saw the Bayonet relegated largely to patrol duties. Despite the business failure, it performs well in combat as the biggest corvette in the game and is capable of slugging it out with larger ships.

To the Rebellion, while they aren't new units per se, both the T-65 X-wing and B-wing have gotten makeovers in the form of new models, complete with animated s-foils. These staples were long overdue for a visual improvement.

On a similar note, the R-41 Starchaser and Marauder-class Corvette, although not new to the game, are new to the Alliance tech tree. The R-41 performs as a heavy interceptor with a sturdier hull than the Z-95 and A-wing and gives the Rebels a fighter with ion cannons. The Marauder provides some much-needed turbolaser muscle to a roster that tends to generalize its armaments.

From the Hajen-class Fleet Tender's model, I've also created the Sacheen-class Light Escort, which hopefully will keep New Class fans happy for now. As the latest-model warship in the game, it is a unit with few flaws: it's as nimble as a corvette, as tough as a cruiser, and carries a similar armament to the Imperial Carrack. It's a great escort for the Republic-class Star Destroyer. Unfortunately I wasn't able to convince anyone in the community to do the Defender Starfighter for it, so it's currently sporting antique Z-95s as complement.

Finally, a couple of Forces of Corruption ports to take note of. I've reintroduced a greatly pared-down MC30c as the Ardent-class MC30 Frigate for the Alliance. I've devolved the vanilla stats to get something that's in line with similar liner-turned-warships from the MC series to start with and upgrades to fill its FoC mantle. While a direct conversion yielded numbers that were off the charts for a frigate, I've kept closely to the spirit of the MC30: it's one of the fastest ships in its class; it has strong shielding, but a relatively weak hull; it mounts many lasers, but few turbolasers; and it upgrades to get proton torpedoes.

Although only available to pirates, I might as well take this opportunity to announce that I've similarly converted the Crusader-class Corvette that was previously in use by the Zann Consortium in FoC. Unlike the MC30, every one of the Crusader's stats - save for weapons - was converted directly against the CR90 Corvette in EaW. The armament was extracted from studying the original concept art. The end result is a no-expense-spared, quality corvette in true fashion of the Mandalorians.

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Look Alive, You Mu Squadron Pukes Phoenix Rising - February 10, 2007
Because this week, I've added the Empire's most prominent line of starfighters next to the TIE Series. I am, of course, referring to Cygnus' Alpha-class Xg Star Wing and XM Nova Wing, which I hope at least some of you will fondly remember piloting as the assault gunboat and missile boat. Now under your tactical command, these craft are capable of inflicting massive damage to the enemy, with the Nova Wing featuring the highest warhead count per keel-meter of any production vessel ever commissioned. Statistics for these ships can be found under the Bomber and Fighter subsection of Units respectively.

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